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The Cleveland and Teesside Media Archive

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1172"D" Bus, Exchange Place, Middlesbrough0
1340Acklam Hall2012
1344Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough2012
1343Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough2012
1345Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough2012
1178Aerial View, Redcar2012
1223Aerial View, Saltburn2010
1393Albert Bridge, Middlesbrough2012
1339Albert Park Gates1902
1310Albert Park Lake (undated, c 1910?)1910
1317Albert Park Lake, Middlesbrough1910
1318Albert Park Lake, Middlesbrough1904
1191Albert Park, Middlesbrough1934
1430Albert Park, Middlesbrough0
1354Albert Park, Middlesbrough2012
1209Albert Road, Middlesbrough0
1347Albert Road, Middlesbrough2000
1243All Saints Church, Skelton1925
1371All Saints Church. Linthorpe Road2012
1269Beech Street, Middlesbrough1974
1436Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1435Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1437Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1438Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1439Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1445Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1441Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1442Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1434Berwick Hills swimming baths1995
1433Berwick Hills swimming baths - upstairs cafe area1995
1447Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1446Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1449Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1440Berwick Hills Swimming pool1995
1444Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1448Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1443Berwick Hills swimming pool1995
1307Blacksmith's Shop, Eston2011
1353Bolckow's Bust, Albert Park2012
1293Bridge Inn Pub, Middlesbrough2010
1263Buxton Street, Middlesbrough1974
1255Buxton Street, Middlesbrough1974
1279Carlton Street, Middlesbrough1976
1197Carte de Visite, Gibbs & Co, Middlesbrough0
1342Ceiling, Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough2012
1379Central Library, Middlesbrough2012
1175Church Street, West Hartlepool0
1215Cleveland Asylum Church, Middlesbrough0
1280Cleveland Terrace, Middlesbrough1976
1165Clock Tower and High Street, Redcar1950
1195Club Fiesta Beermat, Stockton-on-Tees1968
1196Club Marimba Beermat, Middlesbrough0
1271Court off Commercial Street, Middlesbrough1974
1275Cromwell Street, North Ormesby1975
1273Cromwell Street, North Ormesby1975
1373Custom House, North Street2012
1256Davison Street, Middlesbrough1975
1270Davison Street, Middlesbrough1975
1231Dig in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough2010
1410Dock Clock, Middlesbrough1970
1290Doctor Browns Pub, Middlesbrough2010
1320Dorman Museum1919
1321Dorman Museum1905
1169Dovecot Street, Stockton-on-Tees0
1212Easington Church0
1297Empire and Town Hall, Middlesbrough2010
1226Empire Theatre, Middlesbrough2010
1227Empire Theatre, Middlesbrough2010
1409Empire, Middlesbrough1970
1281Ernest Street/Parliament Street, Middlesbrough1976
1462Eston County Modern School1960
1463Eston County Modern teams1958
1465Eston Hopsital Gala Day1958
1464Eston Youth Club newspaper cutting1960
1408Exchange Place, Middlesbrough1970
1296Exchange Square, Middlesbrough2010
1219Family Portrait, Seaman Photographers0
1381First World War Memorial - St Barnabas Church2012
1282Fleetham Street, Middlesbrough1976
1384Former Cross Keys pub, Middlesbrough2012
1376Former Hippodrome, Wilson Street2012
1385Former Middlesbrough Pottery Works2006
1245From The Pier, Redcar1920
1232George & Dragon, Yarm2010
1398George and Mary Coronation Plate1911
1450Gilkes Street Baths - Turkish area1995
1412Gilkes Street Baths, Middlesbrough1998
1416Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1426Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1415Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1427Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1428Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1429Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1425Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1413Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1414Gilkes Street Public Baths1998
1424Gilkes Street Public Baths - aerial view1988
1418Gilkes Street Public Baths - decorative wall panel1998
1417Gilkes Street Public Baths - main lounge1998
1423Gilkes Street Public Baths - new pool1988
1422Gilkes Street Public Baths - 'new pool'1998
1420Gilkes Street Public Baths - 'old pool'1988
1421Gilkes Street Public Baths - 'old pool'1988
1419Gilkes Street Public Baths 'old pool'1998
1185Green Lane Juniors Hockey Team, Middlesbrough1968
1174Guisborough Church0
1241Guisborough Priory, Guisborough0
1283Hartington Road/Sutherland Street, Middlesbrough1976
1163Hartlepool Lighthouse1910
1337Help the Hospitals Float1925
1304High Street, Lazenby2011
1306High Street, Lazenby2011
1176High Street, Marske-by-the-Sea0
1247High Street, Stockton-on-Tees0
1389HM Queen Elizabeth II at Prissick Base1977
1461Holy Trinity Church2013
1460Holy Trinity church north ormesby2013
1372Holy Trinity Church, North Ormesby2012
1213Holy Trinity Church, Stockton-on-Tees1923
1336Hugh Bell Schools, Middlesbrough1900
1278Jackson Street, Middlesbrough1976
1276James Street, North Ormesby1975
1383Jug, Dorman Museum2012
1316Ketton Ox, Yarm1970
1168Kirby Schools, Middlesbrough1912
1335Kirkleatham Hospital1907
1202Largest Lobster In The World, Marske1911
1239Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough1913
1294Lord Byron Pub, Middlesbrough2010
1242Main Street, Osmotherley1947
1177Market Place, Yarm1904
1218Martins Billingham, Beermat0
1386Marton Grove School2010
1298Marton Grove Schoolboys1940
1292Masham Hotel, Middlesbrough2010
1390Middlesbrough Exchange Co Ltd Stone2012
1332Middlesbrough Market Place/St Hilda's Church1900
1328Middlesbrough Railway Station1904
1312Middlesbrough Station, Middlesbrough1970
1323Middlesbrough Town Hall1908
1334Middlesbrough's Infirmary1900
1309Miniature railway - Albert Park1970
1274Moses Street, North Ormesby1975
1203Multi-view Postcard, Brotton1914
1244Multi-view Postcard, Eston0
1204Multi-view Postcard, Saltburn0
1170Nazareth House, Middlesbrough0
1370Nazareth House, Park Road North2012
1207New Pavilion, Redcar1950
1388Newlands Convent Wall Hanging2012
1401Newport Bridge, Middlesbrough1970
1331Newport Ironworks, Middlesbrough1916
1319North Ormesby Hospital1907
1330North Ormesby Hospital1910
1404North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough1970
1432North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough2012
1183Oddfellows Inn, Thornaby0
1305Old Cottages, Eston2011
1224Parish Church, Stockton0
1277Parliament Street, Middlesbrough1976
1228PD Ports Building, Middlesbrough2010
1230PD Ports Building, Middlesbrough2010
1229PD Ports Building, Middlesbrough2010
1315Pier and Sands, Saltburn1970
1392Plaque from West Lodge, Albert Park2012
1382Plate, Dorman Museum2012
1374Prince of Wales at Britannia Steel Works2012
1249Radio Tees Beermat, Stockton-on-Tees1980
1295Remnants of the Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2010
1190Ropner Park, Stockton-on-Tees0
1322Royal Exchange1908
1358Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1357Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1359Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1360Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1363Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1355Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough1990
1356Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1361Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1362Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough2012
1286Rushford Street, Middlesbrough1976
1284Rushford Street/Marshall Street, Middlesbrough1976
1314Seafront, Redcar1970
1455Seal Sands1974
1451Seal sands1974
1454Seal Sands1974
1453Seal Sands1974
1452Seal Sands1974
1194Shakespeare Hotel, Middlesbrough0
1291Shakespeare Pub, Middlesbrough2010
1387Ship Inn Middlesbrough2012
1186Silcoates School, Saltburn1908
1216Skinningrove Jetty1923
1225Sockburn Hall, near Darlington2010
1352South African War Memorial, Albert Park2012
1457South Gare1977
1459South Gare looking towards North Gare1977
1333St Hilda's Church & Market Place, Middlesbrough1905
1210St Hilda's Parish Church, Middlesbrough1913
1402St John's church, Middlesbrough1970
1329St Luke's Hospital/Cleveland Asylum1908
1368St Mary's R C Cathedral, Sussex Street2012
1214St Mary's R.C. Church, Stockton-on-Tees0
1369St. Mary's R C Cathedral, Sussex Street2012
1394St. Michael's School, Middlesbrough2012
1173Station Square, Saltburn0
1395Steam Packet, Middlesbrough2012
1324Stewart Park, Middlesbrough0
1254Stewart Park, Middlesbrough2010
1351Stewart Park, Middlesbrough1969
1326Stockton & Thornaby Hospital1910
1325Stockton & Thornaby Hospital1910
1327Stockton & Thornaby Hospital1910
1181Stockton-on-Tees from the air0
1206Sunset, Redcar1929
1285Sutherland Street, Middlesbrough1976
1240Tees (Newport) Bridge, Middlesbrough0
1193Teesside Airport Beermat0
1456Teesside's Industrial landscape 1977
1375Telephone boxes, Dunning Road2012
1171The Empire Music Hall, Middlesbrough1904
1338The Grand Opera House, Middlesbrough1900
1188The Museum, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough0
1378The Prince at Ayresome Park2012
1377The Prince at Middlesbrough Station2012
1248The Promenade, West Hartlepool0
1166The Town Hall, Stockton-on-Tees1910
1458'The Works' viewed from South Gare1977
1199Theatre Advert Postcard, Middlesbrough1907
1220Thomas Buck Billhead, Middlesbrough1882
1238Tower Green2010
1237Tower Green, Middlesbrough2010
1246Town Hall & Plain, Stokesley0
1164Town Hall and Victoria Park, Middlesbrough1910
1400Town Hall, Albert Road1970
1182Town Hall, Loftus0
1222Tram Depot, Parliament Road, Middlesbrough2010
1208Vintage Car, Middlesbrough Registration0
1221Warrenby from the bridge, Warrenby1923
1366Webb House, Zetland Road2012
1365Webb House, Zetland Road2012
1364Webb House, Zetland Road2012
1367Wellington Hotel, Albert Road2012
1313Wellington Inn, Eston1970
1211WW1 Hartlepools Bombardment1914
1235Yarm Parish Church2010
1236Yarm Police Station2010
1234Yarm Town Hall2010
1233Yarm Town Hall2010
1391Zetland House2012
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